Monday, July 23, 2007

Barton Family

This is Rev, Racer and Kynzlee, their mom and dad is Kynzee and Ryan Barton. They all are so cute, they were so fun to be around! They are such cute little kids!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


This is a group of girls from Pine View that got together and had pictures before a dance. They are all so beautiful! It was very fun working with such fun girls!

Karie and Jessie's Wedding

This is Karie and Jessie, there wedding was about a month ago out in Sunbrook. It was a wonderful day, and a very fun wedding to shoot.

Kenzi and Matt Irvin's Wedding

This is Kenzi McAllister and Matt Irvin's wedding that I did about two months ago. Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous and was amazing! It was so fun everyone had a wonderful time, you cannot ask for a better family!

Heather and Brian Foote's Wedding

This is Heather DelToro and Brian Foote's wedding I did a couple of months ago. She looked gorgeous!