Sunday, January 13, 2008

Warners Wedding

This is Corey and Rachel Warners wedding. They got married in the St. Geroge Temple on January 4th 2008. They are such a beautiful and fun couple. Their family and friends made the day so fun for them.

Jace Anderson

This is little Jace Anderson, he is such a beautiful little boy I love taking pictures of newborns they are so precious and peaceful. Megan and Ryan are such amazing parents and they got so lucky with such a cute little boy.

McAllister Christmas Present

This year for Christmas I decided to take pictures of my nieces and nephew for my mother in law and my two sister in laws. Well much to say the least they loved getting pictures of there little kids especially when it was a surprise. I love all of my nieces and nephew I could not ask for a better family I love them all.