What to Bring/Wear for Pictures

- I love when people come in something that looks like them, make sure you feel comfortable.
- Bring a couple different outfits and styles (Ex. casual, dressy, sports uniform, tutus)
- Layers, layers and more layers I love layers. (Ex. shirts, vest, sweater, scarfs, hats)
- Make sure if you wear white it does not wash "your" skin out.
- No logos or big prints.
- I love bright splashes of color.
- Muted color schemes are also good for Winter.
- Matchy Matchy is cute, but it is fun to switch it up and not be exactly matching (ex. same color scheme but different shades of the color, or completely different color schemes that still compliment each other).
- You can bring some of your own props/accessories, sometimes it is more special to you if it is something of your own. (grandpa's chair, old trunks/luggage, tutus, bows, headbands).
- You should bring stuff to touch up your make up and hair for your photo-shoot to freshen up.

You can contact me with any questions:
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